Beresford Cablevision Analog Channels Listing

**NEW** Beresford Cablevision Digital Channels Listing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hook up my VCR?

If your home doesn't have cable access, our technicians need to install and activate cable outlets inside the house. If you live in a house already equipped with cable access, our technicians like to check for any damage to the cable wiring inside and outside your  home. Our installers also activate the cable inside your home and check the quality of your reception after installation.

You may call your local cable office the morning of your appointment to get an estimate of the time of installation.


Why must I be at home during cable installation?

Why can't I get above channel 13 on my TV/VCR?


This problem typically occurs when the TV is set to the "antenna" position. Check your TV for an antenna/cable switch and change it to the "cable" position. Newer TV's may have an on-screen display menu that you can switch to the "cable" option.


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