Beresford Municipal Telephone Company

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Beresford Municipal Telephone is a full-service telephone company, providing telephone service, sales and repair.

Telephone Service Rates

Basic Residential Telephone Service $27.90
Basic Business Single Line Telephone Service $31.40
Basic Business Multi-Line Telephone Service $34.67

(All above prices subject to change each quarter due to FUSC fluctuation.)

 $100.00 deposit required for new customers (deposit is returned to customer after 12 consecutive, timely payments)

Optional Features

Caller ID $3.00     Selective Distinctive Ringing $1.00
Call Waiting $  .75     Automatic Call Back $1.00
Call Forward $1.00     Automatic Recall $1.00
Call Forward- Don't Answer $1.00     Voice Mail- Basic $2.50
Call Forward- Busy $1.00     Voice Mail- Basic + Enhanced $3.25
Remote Activation of Call Forward $1.00     Voice Mail- Enhanced $3.25
Selective Call Forward $1.00     Voice Mail- Enhanced + Email Notify $4.00
Anonymous Call Rejection $1.00     Allow Selected Toll Calls $3.00
Selective Call Acceptance $1.00     Telemarketer Call Screening $2.50
Selective Call Rejection $1.00     Additional Directory Listing $  .75

Lifeline Information (financial assistance for low-income customers)

Click on the link above for local residential and business telephone listings.



To contact Beresford Municipal Telephone, please call, fax, e-mail, or stop by our office:

120 E. Main Street

Beresford, SD 57004

Phone: (605)763-2500 or (605)763-2008

Fax: (605)763-7112

After Hours Trouble: (605)763-8725